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Welcome to Russia

Russia is not only Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It has fantastic nature, so we are happy to offer you a trip to Baikal lake, Altai mountains, Kamchatka and Kola peninsula, Putorana plateau, Shantar Islands and many more beautiful places that you will never forget.

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«If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.» - Lewis Carroll

What we offer


Detailer itinerary of your trip

Prior to your arrival in Russia we create a tailor-made schedule of your journey that includes an agenda for sightseeing tours, list of the finest restaurants, best guides and gift shops, useful info and more


Visa support

We provide you with full visa support, from the application to the invitation obtain


Hotel accommodation, transportation, sightseeing tours, etc.

We will book for you all travel facilities taking into consideration all your desires


Protocol escort services

You don't need to think where your car is parked in an airport, what the correct address of your hotel, where the meeting point with your sightseeing guide is, where to buy the best vodka and caviar, how to book a restaurant, what time the kremlin tour starts and many more


Confidentiality and security

For the confidential reasons we don’t give tourists’ names and even can provide you with a bodyguard upon a request

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